Since the Fall of 2015, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has offered the Master of Science in Analytics with a concentration in Data Science degree. Instruction is provided by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Analytics Program. The curriculum provides students with a rigorous training in computational, mathematical, and statistical methods to prepare them for careers in data science and analytics.



Application Deadlines - Fall 2019

Priority: December 15

Applications submitted by this date will receive priority consideration for admission and scholarship aid. All supporting materials must be received by December 15 for priority consideration.


Applications received by this date will be reviewed but with reduced priority. All supporting materials must be received by January 15 to receive consideration.

  • Graphic: Aircraft Activity Over Syria
    Hala Systems - Protect Everything That Matters

    Hala Systems develops advanced solutions for civilian and asset protection, accountability, and the prevention of violence before, during, and after conflict with the aim to reduce harm, increase security, and stabilize communities.

  • Pragmatics (Dialogue)
    Working at the Intersection of Data Science and NLP

    A glimpse of work that occurs at the intersection of data science and natural language processing, including cross-cultural name matching, Arabic proximity search, Chinese IR for term highlighting, Korean word similarity, and emoji processing for sentiment analysis.

  • Winning GU VHacks team
    Georgetown Analytics Student on Winning Team at VHacks

    Analytics student Yanchen Wang (MS '19) was a programmer for the winning team of five Georgetown students sent to participate in VHacks, a hackathon at the Vatican.

  •  ​Scalable nd-arrays for Neuroimaging and Beyond
    ​Scalable nd-arrays for Neuroimaging and Beyond

    This talk introduces Bolt, an open-source implementation of an ndarray built on PySpark. Bolt provides a familiar API enabling distributed computations across one or more array dimensions at a time...