Georgetown’s Third Annual Data Science Graduate Career Fair

On February 28, 2020, the Analytics program hosted its third annual Career Fair for graduate students in Analytics, Computer Science, Mathematics/Statistics, and Public Policy. The Career Fair was a great opportunity for students to interact with representatives from local companies in a relaxed, intimate setting that allowed the employers to become familiar with our students and their qualifications. Participating companies (new window) were hiring for internships as well as post-graduation employment.

“I assume everyone coming out of a program of this caliber will have good, hard data science skills. What’s important to me as a hiring manager and leader of a data-focused team is that students are able to translate what they learn from data and communicate it to a variety of audiences. This can be senior leadership or non-technical co-workers, but the data storytelling aspect is crucial – in business, being able to work with data doesn’t mean much if you can’t tell others what they need to know and why it matters.”

Molly Huie, Team Lead for Data Analysis & Surveys, Bloomberg Law