Georgetown Data Science & Analytics Students Win Awards in Covid-19 Data Challenge

The data challenge received 85 submissions worldwide. Georgetown Data Science students earned third place and an honorable mention.

Luwei Lei, Beixuan Jia, Yuxin Zhang, and Miao Wang’s team won the $1,000 third prize for their project “Impact of COVID-19 and Government’s Responses (new window).”

The data challenge was a great opportunity for me to apply my data analytics and visualization skills to solve practical problems. While doing our project, I was exposed to many innovative ideas and perspectives. I was able to learn so many new skills and data techniques within only one week. Additionally, I really enjoyed working with my teammates, as everyone was very hard-working and creative. I was really thankful that everyone in our team was supporting and helping each other to achieve our goal. Thank you for organizing this great competition!

Beixuan Jia, Team Leader

“I am very thankful for receiving this award with my team. But more importantly, I was able to strive with my teammates to discover the influences of COVID-19 beneath the data from a different perspective through this data challenge. I hope our visualizations could really help the public to better understand the impact of Coronavirus and get through this together.” —Luwei Lei

“With the COVID-19 outbreak becoming a global pandemic and attracting worldwide attention, I have witnessed how COVID-19 has changed our life in the past few months. I really appreciate the great opportunity to analyze the impacts of COVID-19 from the data science perspective. I was able to use various datasets to complete the project with my impressive teammates. We worked closely together to brainstorm ideas, explore visualization techniques, and face all the challenges encountered. Through the experience, we all learned a lot.” —Miao Wang

“I have always been fond of participating in Data Challenges like this, however, this is my first REMOTE contest. I absolutely enjoyed every part of the experience! I live on the west coast and the funny thing about us working together across time zones is that none of us got any sleep! Overall, I really appreciate the comprehensive data set provided to us, and extremely thankful for my supportive teammates who were able to quickly learn new techniques from scratch. Thanks for sponsoring this amazing contest! I’m honored to win this prize with my team and glad to contribute to Flattening the Curve of COVID-19 even by a tiny bit.” —Yuxin ‘Diana’ Zhang

Shiqi Ning’s individual project “COVID-19: The New Normal (new window)” won a $100 honorable mention prize.

During the data challenge, I was exposed to various data. Having one clear goal in mind made it easier for me to generate interesting and insightful findings.

Shiqi Ning