GU Analytics for Nonprofits

GU Analytics for Nonprofits is a Georgetown University student group founded by MS Data Science and Analytics students, and open to all Georgetown graduate students. GU Analytics for Nonprofits provides consulting services to nonprofit organizations via semester-long or year-long projects. The group helps students gain real-world experience with data analysis, improve their hard and soft skills, and build their professional network.

Last semester the group successfully recruited nearly 100 members, and 20 students (including students from Data Science and Analytics) directly participated in real-world projects. GU Analytics for Nonprofits has received a lot of positive feedback from the NGOs they collaborate with. This semester the group has continued their collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution and selected five projects for new students.


  • Something unique on your resume. Yes, complicated school projects look cool but your real-world project gets you that interview.
  • Work with directors in influential NGOs. Time to make some social impact.
  • Build your network. Our members interned at Facebook, JPM, etc. They can’t wait to share their experiences.
  • Excellent performance may develop into an internship.


  • You are interested in either nonprofits, business analytics, data science or consulting.
  • You are a graduate student from STEM majors.
  • You are willing to commit 1-3 hours per week.