Course Schedule

Listed below are all ANLY courses offered during the 2020-2021 academic year. For a more detailed course listing, please refer to the Georgetown Schedule of Classes (new window) webpage.

Fall 2020

  • ANLY-501: Introduction to Data Analytics (Core)
  • ANLY-503: Analytical Data Visualization (Core)
  • ANLY-511: Probabilistic Modeling and Statistical Computing (Core)
  • ANLY-555: Data Structures, Objects, and Algorithms in Python (Elective)
  • ANLY-561: Optimization (Elective)
  • ANLY-580: Natural Language Processing for Data Analytics (Elective)
  • ANLY-590: Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Elective)
  • ANLY-640: Relational and Semi-Structured Databases & SQL Programming (Elective)

Spring 2021

  • ANLY-502: Massive Data Fundamentals (Core)
  • ANLY-512: Statistical Learning (Core)
  • ANLY-521: Computational Linguistics – Advanced Python (Elective)
  • ANLY-530: Data Ethics Privacy and Security (Elective)
  • ANLY-555: Data Structures, Objects, and Algorithms in Python (Elective)
  • ANLY-558: Advanced Algorithms for Analytics in Data Science (Elective)
  • ANLY-560: Time Series (Elective)
  • ANLY-565: Advanced Analytics and Applied Math for Streaming and High Dimension Data and Applications (Elective)
  • ANLY-599: Storytelling, Narrative Analytics, and Data Communication (Elective)

Summer 2021

  • ANLY-503: Analytical Data Visualization (Core)
  • ANLY-677: Image Mining and Computer Vision Analytics (Elective)

Please consult the Course Descriptions page for details on additional elective courses.