Data Science and Analytics Careers

Students in the Master of Science Data Science and Analytics (DSAN) program are prepared both in and outside of the classroom to excel in their internships and post-graduate careers.

In business school I was not exposed high-level technical skills. This program definitely helped me sharpen my technical skills and build knowledge in data science. I learned several computer languages for extensive data manipulation, and gained depth in statistical analysis and predictive modeling. At Deloitte I bring this knowledge to enhance business insights.

Lu Wang, MS ’17, Analytics Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Data Science and Analytics Career Outcomes

Since the program’s creation in 2015, students who complete the MS Data Science & Analytics (DSAN) program at Georgetown have pursued careers in fields including business intelligence, precision medicine, policy analytics, finance, marketing, online banking, big data infrastructure, and education.

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Top Data Science and Analytics Employers

1) Capital One
2) Amazon
3) Citi
4) Deloitte
5) Booz Allen Hamilton
6) Google
7) Amazon Web Services
8) Freddie Mac
*Reported as of May ’23

Career Resources

We are committed to supporting our students as they navigate the internship and job market. We have gathered a variety of resources that our community can use to plan the next steps in their career journey.

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