Our Community

We are dedicated to creating a community within the DSAN program and feel that an active and supportive community fosters both academic and social success. Graduate programs can be overwhelming and even isolating at times. It is part of our mission to ensure that our students have a safe and supportive environment in which to thrive.

Looking for a supportive community that will walk through your graduate school journey with you? Look no further! Our program fosters a sense of belonging with several initiatives and opportunities for connection, from our Mentorship Program to our regular DSAN social events. Check out some of the ways that we support community building among our DSAN cohorts, staff, faculty, and alumni.

DSAN Social Committee

The DSAN Social Committee was formed with the belief that student leadership is integral to ensuring that our program’s events are targeted to the evolving needs of our student body. The committee consists of students from both our first and second-year cohorts.

Now in its second year, the Social Committee has become a force for connection within our community. They assist with planning and support for many of our program-sponsored events, while also creating smaller ad hoc opportunities for socializing, e.g. trivia night, hiking trips, etc.

Student Mentorship Program

Our built-in student support system provides incoming students with guidance and advice as they move through their first year in our program. Incoming students are matched with a second-year student mentor based on their undergraduate major, common goals, and shared interests.

Mentors act as a consistently available resource for incoming students, and may provide guidance on topics such as where to live; what to expect from classes; how and when to start looking for an internship; and any other questions first-year students might have. Mentors and mentees meet for lunch, dinner, coffee, and various activities in Washington, D.C. Mentors are available throughout the year whenever their mentees need guidance.

The DSAN Suite

As our program has grown, our suite has become a study haven for many of our students. On any given day you will find the space full of chatter, studious focus, and often meetings between student groups. We are also lucky to have a beautiful private courtyard for our students to use.