DSAN Student Social Committee

Social Committee 2023

Corrina Calanoc

DSAN ’24

Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and lived in the Bay Area for the past few years where I worked at an education non-profit as a Data Engineer before coming to the DSAN program. I’m passionate about social justice and education equity, and I love spending my time volunteering (whether technical skills or just general assistance) with local organizations committed to these missions. I’m a pretty high energy person, and I love to take care of plants, do crafty things like wood burn and use my Cricut, and dance! I’m very intentional about building community spaces and fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging, which is why I wanted to serve on the DSAN Social & Events Committee!

Eduardo Armenta

DSAN ’24

I was born and raised in Mexico, but I’ve been studying abroad in the U.S. since high school (briefly returned to Mexico for work). I studied business in undergrad, and I’m interested in finding a way to mix that background with the Data Science degree. Whenever I have free time, I spend it playing sports, watching TV shows/movies, listening to music, or gaming. Otherwise, I like to spend time with my pets (2 dogs in Mexico and 2 cats in D.C.) and exploring the city. I joined the committee with the intention of fostering relationships within the program, as well as encouraging personal/professional growth of students.

Katie Mead

DSAN ’24

Hello everyone! My name is Katie Mead, and I am very excited to serve our program as part of the Social Committee. Before coming to Georgetown, I studied cognitive science in college and then taught high school chemistry for two years in Nashville, TN. Throughout my teaching experience, I became excited by the wealth of opportunities there are to personalize education for students using machine learning and technology. Outside of data science and education–I love to travel
and spend time with my pets, friends, and family. Being on this
committee excites me because I believe there is so much talent in our program, and I am motivated by the opportunity to help us all connect with each other.

Huiting “Crystal” Song

DSAN ’24

Hi everyone, I am Huiting (Crystal). I was born and raised in
Shenzhen, a modern city in southern China. This is my sixth year in the US and also my first year in DSAN. In my spare time, I love K-
POP dancing, horse riding, and exploring restaurants. The Spring Break and Thanksgiving break are the times of the year that I look forward to the most since I get to unlock more stunning scenery
and create more memories with my friends. As an international
student, I know how challenging it is to live and study alone in a
foreign country, so I hope the DSAN Social Committee can help you better integrate into the community.

Ramdayal Rewaria

DSAN ’24

Hi everyone, my name is Ramdayal Rewaria and I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I am very excited to be a part of the DSAN Social Committee. I moved to the states 6 months ago for the DSAN Program here at Georgetown University. Before this, I completed my undergraduate in Data Science as well and worked for around 1.5 years as a Data Analyst and ML Engineer. Apart from academics, I love photography, gaming, watching movies, TV shows and sports, exploring new places and meeting new people. That being said, I know how difficult it is to leave your old life behind and start a new one in a new city where you do not know anyone. This is the reason why I joined this committee and I hope to make everyone’s experience in the DSAN department a memorable one!!

Sonali Dabhi

DSAN ’24

Hello everyone! My name is Sonali and I’m a first-year DSAN student. Before coming to Georgetown, I went to William and Mary for undergrad, where I studied Chemistry while minoring in Data Science in Public Health. While at William and Mary, I did focus more on chemistry until I stumbled across data science when exploring my minor options. I really hope to strengthen my understanding of data science concepts at the DSAN program, as well as just explore the many opportunities that come with data science. I like to consider myself to be a creative person when the mood strikes me. I love to up-cycle clothing and used to have a sewing machine where I would mess around trying to make new clothing. When I was a freshman, I also got into crocheting, where I started out making huge blankets before transitioning into making clothing, and now enjoy knitting and embroidering! I want to help build a sense of community in our program, and help with student mental
health, which is why I applied for this committee. I’m so excited to help create events for students!