Student Mentorship Program

A Built-in Student-to-Student Support System

The Data Science & Analytics Student Mentorship Program provides support for incoming students and fosters a sense of community among first-year and second-year students. Incoming students are matched with a second-year student mentor based on undergraduate major, common goals, and shared interests.

Mentors act as a consistently available resource for incoming students, and may provide guidance on topics such as where to live; what to expect from classes; how and when to start looking for an internship; and any other questions first-year students might have. Mentors and mentees meet for lunch, dinner, coffee, and various activities in Washington, D.C. Mentors are available throughout the year whenever their mentees need guidance.

“The mentorship program is really awesome and I really want to say thank you for organizing such a great opportunity for us. I think it’s really helpful.”

Xiaoman Dong