Amit Arora

Hughes Network Systems

Data Scientist

Amit Arora is the Lead Data scientist and an Advisory Engineer at Hughes Network Systems. He has a Master’s degree in Data Analytics from Georgetown University. He works on solving complex problems in the field of telecommunications, traffic engineering, network security and business systems using data science and AI. He also provides data science and ML leadership to multiple teams across the organization and leads a team of data engineers, ML experts and DevOps engineers. He is passionate about helping to create citizen data science teams throughout the organization and regularly presents seminars and conducts training sessions. He has have been granted multiple patents for his work in telecommunications and currently has several patents pending that are at the intersection of telecommunications and machine learning. Amit’s current interests are in the area of real time analytics and preemptive fault detection for large telecommunication networks especially with the ubiquitous presence of IoT devices and building and deploying ML applications in hybrid cloud and multi cloud environments.  Before transitioning to a data scientist role he has had more than 18 years of work experience leading software architecture and design for satellite communication networks, satellite modems as well as hub side gateways. He worked on several key technologies such as IPv6, HTTP/S acceleration, Compression, traffic shaping, encryption, routing, layer 2 protocols, FIPS 140-2 certification, diagnostics etc.