Returning Student Scholarships

Award recipients

The MS Data Science & Analytics program awards merit-based scholarships not only to incoming students but to returning students as well!

Each Fall, the Data Science & Analytics program grants merit-based scholarship awards to our returning students following a competitive award process. Awards are announced and presented during our August Welcome Event. Each scholarship award is the equivalent of the tuition for one, two, or three graduate classes.

How To Apply

As a successful data scientist, you should be able to provide a project analysis without any supervision or with minimal supervision.

The scholarship application asks students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they learned in their first year by submitting a mini data visualization project that they must complete independently without any faculty assistance.

Every year in the late Spring, our program director will send the scholarship application announcement. The announcement includes detailed instructions on how to apply and the application deadline. The scholarship submissions are submitted anonymously, judged by a group of faculty, and awarded on a competitive basis.

Applicants will be selected and notified by mid to late May.