DSAN Military Scholars

We are grateful to be able to support active military members by offering one full-tuition scholarship and one 50% tuition scholarship to active-duty military service members every year.

Hear from our current and past recipients:

Nolan Penoyer, 2nd Lt US Air Force, 2023 Scholar

I extend my deepest gratitude to Georgetown University and the Data Science and Analytics Program for their invaluable support by awarding me the Military Scholarship, which has paved the way for my educational journey. I am excited about the boundless opportunities to expand my knowledge and technical skillset thanks to the amazing faculty and students I am surrounded by. Embracing the cutting-edge developments in machine learning, which are at the forefront of our program, will be vital to my aspirations of strengthening the United States Armed Forces.

-Lt. Nolan Penoyer, 2023 Scholar

Scott Johnson, 2nd Lt US Air Force, 2021 Scholar

I am honored and humbled to have been presented a Military Scholarship from the Georgetown University Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics program. The graciousness and continual support by this program for current active-duty military students is exceptional. This opportunity will better enable me to serve my country in the United States Air Force in an unparalleled capacity. For this, I am forever grateful to the Georgetown University Data Science and Analytics program faculty and staff, as well as my outstanding Hoya classmates.

Lt. Scott Johnson, 2021 Scholar

Hanna Born, 2nd Lt US Air Force, 2020 Scholar

I am incredibly grateful to Georgetown University and the Data Science and Analytics program for their generosity and trust in supporting active-duty service members. The program provides a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity while also fostering civ-mil relations between our two professions. Matriculating in a renowned civilian institution led by incredible and supportive faculty and engaging with extraordinary classmates from every corner of the globe has enabled me to view real world problems through a different prism, providing the skill sets necessary to confront future challenges posed by a rapidly changing world.  I believe that I and other service members privileged enough to attend Georgetown’s DSAN program will broaden our horizons and return to serve our nation greatly enriched, more globally aware and better prepared to make a difference.

-Lt. Hanna Born, 2020 Scholar