Student Profile

Billy McGloin

Billy’s (MS ’25) gracious and friendly nature shines whether he is supporting the DSAN program as a Student Ambassador or co-running a business with his sisters.

Journey to DSAN

Billy is drawn to the pragmatic problem-solving approach that math offers, finding joy in the exploration of diverse paths to solutions, rather than focusing solely on reaching the answer. This passion for mathematical exploration naturally led him to data science, where similar principles apply within the field.

He chose to attend Villanova University for his undergraduate journey, envisioning it as an environment that would foster personal growth, self-challenge, and the development of values beyond academic and career achievements. His time at Villanova led him to major in Economics and Business Analytics, where he developed a profound interest in utilizing analytics to enact impactful change. While at Villanova, Billy had the unique opportunity to start his own business along with his sisters, leveraging the shared experience as triplets attending the same university.

The Entrepreneur 

As a sophomore at Villanova, Billy faced a common issue facing most college students: limited storage space in a small dorm room. Unable to mount anything on the walls and having limited closet space, Billy built a shelf to sit safely and securely on top of the standard-issued hutch. Voilà! He optimized his space and had a spot for his TV, printer, textbooks, and more! After seeing how well the shelf worked, Billy’s sisters requested a shelf for their rooms and then friends started asking where they got it from. With guidance from Villanova professors and the university’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Billy and his sisters formed Top Shelf Designs, LLC, a retail business that helps college students maximize their space with handcrafted shelving units. 

“Being an entrepreneur has been a transformative journey, requiring me to navigate unexpected tasks like website building, patent law, and insurance procurement. From optimizing shelf construction to incorporating sustainability efforts, it has been a fulfilling experience, tackling challenges beyond my initial expectations.”

The time and project management skills he has developed as an entrepreneur have been invaluable in his experience in the DSAN program. 

Finding His Niche

During his undergraduate years, Billy appreciated the opportunity for self-discovery provided by Villanova’s Honors Program. The program’s thought-provoking classes prompted reflection on long-term goals, encouraging students to assess their current positions and the direction of their paths, fostering a valuable moment of introspection often overlooked in the hustle of college life.

This strong sense of self has led Billy to success in his first semester in the DSAN program. Billy recommends that new students go to office hours, introduce themselves to professors, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“What I enjoy about this program is the professors and the students. Everybody here really seems to like each other, they want to know how you’re doing and help each other with the work. I think that anyone coming into the program should be aware of this.”

Final Thoughts

Billy acknowledges that it might seem simple, but the best advice he can share is to be comfortable with yourself. “If you’re comfortable with yourself and who you are, then you’re not going to be as impacted by other people and what they think.” Billy notes that moving to the Georgetown area and living on his own has taught him to value himself, his time, and given him the freedom to do his own thing, increasing his confidence and sense of self.

Surprising Story

The President of Villanova University fed Billy waffles during his first semester of freshman year and the Dean of Villanova’s School of Business (VSB) captured this in a photograph!  

“During Waffle Wednesday at Villanova, the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, was mingling with the freshman. I approached Fr. Peter and asked if he would take a photo of us eating waffles together so I could share it with my sisters, who also attended Villanova. To my surprise, Fr. Peter recognized me as ‘one of the triplets’ and not only agreed to the photo but had an even better suggestion. He handed my phone to the Dean of VSB and asked her to capture the moment, then proceeded to feed me waffles. It’s an experience that perfectly captured the unique and personable atmosphere at Villanova.”