Accelerated Masters Program

The Accelerated DSAN Program Details

Application Deadlines

Fall Admission: February 15
Applications for the accelerated program and all supporting materials must be received by February 15 to receive consideration. (Georgetown students only)
Spring Admission: October 1
Applications for the accelerated program and all supporting materials must be received by October 1 to receive consideration for Spring admission. (Georgetown students only)

The Accelerated DSAN Master’s Program is for Georgetown undergraduate students only.

Steps for Students:

Details about DSAN 5000, 5100, 5200, and 5300 can be found here.

Further Details

Prerequisites: Undergraduate students who elect to apply to the Accelerated DSAN Program and who are accepted will complete the prerequisites during their undergraduate degree.

  1. In some cases, such as Math, Statistics, CS, and Economics, such prerequisites are likely part of the standard program. However, for other programs, such as Biology, students will need to specifically take these required requisite classes.
    • There are often many options for classes. For example, Prob & Stats, Statistics, Math Stats, Econometrics, etc. are all considered “statistics.”
  2. Counting Courses Twice – for BS(A) and for MS: In the Accelerated Program, students are permitted to take DSAN classes that will count twice – once toward their BS(A) and again toward the MS in DSAN.
    • Normally, students can take these DSAN graduate classes as general electives.
    • However, ask your undergraduate advising dean if you have the option to take these classes as major electives (electives toward the major) and not just general electives. This will offer greater opportunities and flexibility.
      • Math students can take DSAN 5100 instead of MATH 2140; i.e. they can count DSAN 5100 as their math elective instead of MATH 2140, but they cannot get Math credit for both courses.
    • Once students complete their BS (or BA), they will then officially become graduate students in the MS DSAN Program and will complete all remaining 8 courses for the MS degree.
    • You CAN complete the MS in 1 year (12 months) and you can choose to start in Fall or Spring.
    • You will participate in the required, free, self-directed and fully online “Programming in R and Python Bootcamp” as all MS students do. This is generally done the summer before you take DSAN 5000.
  3. Generally, the minimum required GPA for applicants is 3.5, but we consider many criteria.
  4. We DO NOT require the GRE.