Alumni Profiles

Madelyne Ventura

MS’23, Senior Data Scientist at Deloitte

Explore Madelyne’s DSAN journey, her advice for current and prospective DSAN students, and the best career advice she received in the program.

Greg Gaylord

MS’21, SQL Developer at The Cobalt Company

Explore Greg’s DSAN journey, his advice for DSAN students, and why he finds machine learning fascinating.

Monroe Farris

MS’23, Intermediate Data Science Engineer at MITRE

Explore Monroe’s DSAN journey and how she juggled working full-time as a full-time student.

Brian Li

Brian Li is standing facing the camera smiling and wearing his black graduation gown with a yellow hood and blue stole.

MS’23, Data Engineer and Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Explore Brian’s DSAN experience forging friendships and finding inspiration in collaboration.

Gabriella Zakrocki

Gabriella stands in a black graduation robe and a bright blue stole. Healy Hall and Healy Lawn are behind her.

MS’22, Data Scientist at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Learn more about Gabriella’s journey from DSAN to Hollywood.

Matt Tsang

Matt smiles into the camera with a forest and a glacial lake behind him.

MS ’22, Consultant at Deloitte

Learn more about Matt’s experience as a part-time grad student, where he combined his love of math and data.

Adam Imran

Adam smiles at the camera in front of a beige wall. He is wearing glasses and a plaid shirt.

MS ’20, Senior Data Scientist in Network Analysis and Control at MITRE

Learn about Adam’s experience at DSAN and how he works to create a better, safer world.