A man and woman work together analyzing data.
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DSAN partners with SCS for a Data Visualization Certificate Course

We are excited to announce that the DSAN program is partnering with the School of Continuing Studies to offer a non-credit professional development Advanced Data Visualization Certificate.

This 12-week program will provide career professionals with essential skills in data visualization and the creation of data-driven storytelling.

A message from our DSAN Program Director, Dr. Purna Gamage:

Together, data visualization and data storytelling bridge the gap between data and human comprehension. The professional demand for data visualization, data storytelling, and reproducible documentation skills is rapidly growing in the job market. Upon completing this certificate, participants will be well prepared to enter the workforce, seeking employment opportunities that require proficiency in data visualization and the ability to effectively communicate data-driven stories.

-Dr. Purna Gamage

More information can be found on the Georgetown School for Continuing Studies website.