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Big Data Analytics Using Public Clouds

Krishnan S.P.T., REAN Cloud LLC


Big Data is no longer a buzz word. Public cloud is no longer the new kid in the block. The promise of elastic, reliable, inexpensive, managed services from public cloud providers has excited enterprises to store more data than ever before. More in this context refers to more of the same type of data and more granular details of the same data source. The belief was that tomorrow’s analytics software & methods will benefit from yesterday’s data. The reality however set on too soon, demanding results today to justify the cost from economic perspective. These conditions have created the perfect storm in the form of real-time big data analytics. This requires that citizen data scientists and analysts turn to managed big data services from public cloud providers instead of simply trying to recreate DIY on-premise based setup in public cloud.

In this talk, the speaker will be discussing about the various big data products from Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and DIY Big Data Stack. The focus will be on sharing the pros and cons of key products & technologies, and to which problems they are a good fit. The speaker will also provide academic lineage to some of the popular open source big data tools and the commercial products they power. Time permitting, the speaker will also conduct a demo use public data and tools from GCP and AWS.


Dr. Krishnan is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), one of ten GDEs on GCP in United States. He is also experienced in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and helped to launch a startup on AWS. He currently serves as a technical advisor for 2 startups. Dr. Krishnan has authored the first book that comprehensively covered Google Cloud Platform “Building Your Next Big Thing with Google Cloud Platform.” Earlier, Dr. Krishnan graduated with a PhD in Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore, Singapore (THE Worldwide rank 24). In his PhD dissertation, Dr. Krishnan brought together the domains of High Performance Scientific Computing and public clouds.

Dr. Krishnan currently works as Principal Architect at REAN Cloud LLC in Virginia. Earlier, Dr. Krishnan spent 16 years at a research institute where he was heading a research lab that focused on computer security, cloud computing. Dr. Krishnan has 20+ publications in leading journals and conferences, including in Journal Science. Dr. Krishnan also served as an associate faculty at a private university in Singapore for 6 years. Dr. Krishnan created a brand new course “Cloud Computing: Technical Models and Business Value” and taught the same for 3 years. He also taught several other computer science subjects. He currently lives in Fairfax city with his family.