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Challenges and Successes of Managing Big Data

Irina Vayndiner, MITRE


Big Data has been one of the most popular IT buzzwords of the decade. At this seminar, we will define what Big Data is, and what challenges industry and research community face in dealing with Big Data. We will talk about common approaches to analyzing and processing extremely large datasets, and identify suitable Big Data tools for real-world challenges.

​ As time and interest allows, Neural Networks, and how they can be used either in hybrid with HMM-GMM models will also be covered. 


Irina Vayndiner is a Senior Technical Staff at MITRE. She received her M.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Moscow University, specializing in space mechanics. Irina has 18 years of industry and Government experience in Big Data. Irina worked on numerous projects related to Big Data, as well as MITRE-sponsored research. Irina teaches multiple classes in the area of Information Technology. She presented at numerous scientific and technology conferences, has multiple publications, and a patent in the area of database security.​

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