BS/BA-MS in Data Science & Analytics

The accelerated program allows Georgetown undergraduate students to complete their BS (or BA) and MS degrees in five years.

The Data Science and Analytics (DSAN/ANLY) Program is pleased to announce a new BS(A) – MS Combined/Accelerated 5-year Program in Data Science and Analytics.

HOW and WHEN to Apply to the new BS(A) – MS DSAN Program (new window)

The BS(A)-MS DSAN Program Details

  • The new BS(A)-MS DSAN Program is for Georgetown undergraduate students only.
  • This new Program enables Georgetown undergrads to complete a BS (or BA) in an appropriate area, to take the needed prerequisites during their undergraduate degree, to take two (2) Data Science and Analytics (ANLY) graduate classes as general electives during their senior year, and then to join the MS in DSAN Program to complete their MS degree in DSAN. Therefore, these two ANLY (DSAN) graduate classes will count toward both the students’ BS (BA) and toward the MS.
  • This option saves both time and money, allows students to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree AND a Master of Science degree in Data Science and Analytics in 5 years (accelerated), and will advance academic and industry potential.
  • Prerequisites: Calc I, II, Prob&Stats (or equivalent such as econometrics, etc.), programming R, Python, or C++ (Python is recommended). Interested students should assure completion of these classes during their undergraduate degree. There are many options for these prerequisites. For example, statistics, math stats, prob&stats, econometrics, etc. are all considered “statistics” and will meet the requirement.

Steps for Students:

  • Learn about the new program.
  • Plan to apply in your junior year.
  • Plan to complete the prerequisites: Calc I, II, Prob&Stats (or equivalent), Programming/CS as noted above. There are many options for these types of classes.
  • Apply to the BS(A) – MS DSAN Program (Click here for more details on when and how to apply.) (new window)
  • After acceptance, students will then take any two (2) of the following ANLY graduate class options during their senior year from this list (ANLY 501, 502, 503, 511, 555). Students will also engage, after their junior year, in our free and online R and Python Programming Bootcamp.
    • Generally, a GPA for applicants is 3.5, but we consider many criteria.
    • We DO NOT require the GRE.
  • Students cannot register for any ANLY classes until they apply and are accepted into the BS(A) – MS DSAN Program.
  • Students may start the BS(A) – MS Program in Fall or Spring and after they graduate with their bachelor’s degree.
  • Once students are accepted, complete the above, and graduate with their BS(A), they will then officially become MS students in DSAN and will complete the remaining 8 required DSAN classes.
  • Timing: Students may complete the remaining DSAN requirements in 3 terms. If summer is included (per the student’s choice) they can complete the MS in one year.

Details about ANLY 501, 502, 511, 555, and 503 can be located here.

Further Details

Prerequisites: Undergraduate students who elect to apply to the BS(A) – MS DSAN Program and who are accepted will complete the prerequisites during their undergraduate degree.

  1. In some cases, such as Math, Statistics, CS, and Economics, such prerequisites are likely part of the standard program. However, for other programs, such as Biology, students will need to specifically take these required requisite classes.
    • There are often many options for classes. For example, Prob & Stats, Statistics, Math Stats, Econometrics, etc. are all considered “statistics.”
  2. Counting Courses Twice – for BS(A) and for MS: The key to BS(A) – MS Programs, including the DSAN BS(A)-MS, students are permitted to take ANLY/DSAN classes that will count twice – once toward their BS(A) and again toward the MS in DSAN.
    • Normally, students can take these ANLY graduate classes as general electives.
    • However, ask your undergraduate advisor if you have the option to take these classes as major electives (electives toward the major) and not just general electives. This will offer greater opportunities and flexibility.
      • Math students can take ANLY-511 instead of MATH-140; i.e. they can count ANLY-511 as their math elective instead of MATH-140, but they cannot get math credit for both courses.
    • Once students complete their BS (or BA), they will then officially become graduate students in the MS DSAN Program and will complete all remaining 8 courses for the MS degree.
    • You CAN complete the MS in 1 year (12 months) and you can choose to start in Fall or Spring.
    • You will participate in the required, free, self-directed and fully online “Programming in R and Python Bootcamp” as all MS students do. This is generally done the summer before you take 501.
  3. Generally, a GPA for applicants is 3.5, but we consider many criteria.
  4. We DO NOT require the GRE.