Student Profiles

Raunak Advani

Raunak stands next to a stone pillar wearing a white button-down shirt, striped tie, and blue Georgetown graduation stole.

Raunak (MS’24) highlights the importance of staying curious, and why Network Analytics was is favorite class.

Renee DeMaio

Renee (MS’25) shares how her passion for numbers and patterns led her to pursue her master’s in data science, and how her childhood in Hong Kong and Singapore has influenced her journey!

Tereza Martinkova

Tereza’s (MS’24) warmth and kindness are an integral part of why she excels as a DSAN Teaching Assistant and an active member of the DSAN community!

Billy McGloin

Billy’s gracious and friendly nature shines whether he is supporting the DSAN program as a Student Ambassador or co-running a business with his sisters.

Chao Li

Chao Li sitting on a ledge in front of desert mountains.

Chao’s dedication to innovation, curiosity, and voracious thirst for knowledge are sure to fuel a fascinating and change-making career.

Anam Khan

Anam sits in front of a window inside a high rise with the sky behind her. She has dark hair and his wearing a cream colored beanie and a green and black graphic-patterned sweater.

Anam’s empathy and kindness inform her perspective of the world and her commitment to effecting social impact through her work.

Swami Venkat

Swami Venkat stands on the South Lawn in front of the White House wearing a dark sweater with a white collared short underneath. People are milling around behind him.

As a Student Mentor for the DSAN program, Co-Director of Events for GradGov, and a writer/artist focusing on community and connection, Swami personifies his commitment to giving back.

Zev Burton

A brown-haired Zev smiles in front of a wooden fence. He is wearing a navy blue suit, light blue shirt, dark red tie, and a patterned pocket square.

As a published author with a background in international politics and security and 250,000 Tik-Tok followers, this 22-year-old might just be on his way to being a renaissance man.