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M.S. in Data Science & Analytics

Empowering you to build a better world by thinking critically, independently and creatively in an active and diverse community.

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Accelerate Your Path to a Data Science Career

Our M.S. in Data Science & Analytics (DSAN) program provides driven individuals with the in-depth technical skills and career development support needed to thrive in the high-growth data science field. The curriculum allows students to focus on areas like deep learning, big data, cloud computing, advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Models (LLMs), AI and more. Access to hands-on research opportunities and expert faculty actively working in the data science field gives you practice in real-world skill application, making you a valuable addition to any industry. Whether you enroll part-time or full-time, join us to study Data Science & Analytics at Georgetown to transform your passion and knowledge into expertise, navigating the data-driven world with confidence. Current Georgetown students can explore our accelerated program details.

Part-Time or Full-Time Study
Our full-time students complete the program in as few as 16 months and our part-time students can take up to three years to finish.
Electives to Fit Your Interests
Our 22+ electives allow you to explore how data intersects with various topics, including climate change, ethics, healthcare and blockchain.
Skills-Focused Curriculum
Our faculty includes experts actively engaged in research and practice within the data science field, including at prominent institutions.

Application Deadlines

Priority Deadline | December 15
Final Deadline | January 15

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Curriculum that Integrates Fundamentals &
Creative Problem-Solving

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Courses to Create Confident Data Scientists

Our rigorous program fosters intellectual curiosity and creative problem-solving. From big data to advanced mathematical and statistical modeling, you can specialize in deep learning, cloud computing, AI and more. Gain practical experience through real-world data analysis applications and industry best practices, equipping you to tackle complex analytical challenges.

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Flexible Study for Working Professionals

Our program is designed to be flexible, and we support all our students in making the degree fit their unique interests and goals. Classes are offered throughout the day, including outside of traditional working hours in the evenings, so working professionals can participate. Our students bring diverse backgrounds and experiences, enhancing the overall experience.

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Gain Experience Through Hands-On Research

Working with real-world data in a research setting is essential for aspiring data scientists. Our partnership with the Massive Data Institute, capstone course and many elective classes facilitate impactful learning for our students. You will gain experience and perspective alongside experts leading interdisciplinary data science research across the university.

What Makes Us Unique

Our program offers a holistic experience, prioritizing a supportive and inclusive community for personal growth and academic success. We provide networking opportunities and job-searching skills, and we explore emerging career paths. Located in DC, we offer access to seminars, internships and adjunct professors from top companies, enriching the learning experience.

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Putting Your Knowledge into Practice

Our program prepares you for your next steps. Data Science & Analytics graduates excel in diverse fields such as business intelligence, finance and medical or public policy analytics while acquiring skills and knowledge that enable them to make a meaningful impact. Our graduates are employed at organizations such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Deloitte, MITRE and Sony Motion Pictures as data scientists, software and machine learning engineers, consultants, analysts and developers.

Career Outcomes

Our Expert Faculty

Meet Our Faculty

Purna Gamage

Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Data Science and Analytics Program

Qiwei He

Associate Professor

James Hickman

Assistant Teaching Professor

Abhijit Dasgupta

Adjunct Professor

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